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Plushies listed from 0-29. Plushies can be stored in a velvet-lined toybox, which can be purchased from Regwold's Antiques in Xaventry. There are three marks for plushie collection: filling a toybox with 30 plushies awards the Mark of Remembrance, filling a second awards the Mark of Sloth, and filling a third awards the Mark of Retreat.

0a sad-eyed beagle plushie?
1a velvety Lady Saresyn plushie?
2a fuzzywuzzy cow plushie?
3a squeaky field mouse plushie?
4an animated mushroofalo plushie?
5a sparkly King Sandoval plushie?
6a feathery swan plushieTower of Art, daily reward, HB (FP entrance)
7a puffy emperor penguin plushieXaventry, daily reward
8a soft bunny rabbit plushie?
9a sweet heart-shaped plushie?
10a soft kitty plushie?
11a smiling Brother Rufus plushieSigil
12a star-speckled Balthazar plushieRune, daily reward
13a laughing walrus plushieDecara
14a cackling Baba Yaga plushieUnseelie
15a singing Perlin Noise plushie?
16a playful pony plushie?
17an elegant Lady Telleri plushie?
18a regal Lord Agrippa plushieTower of Art
19a beautiful butterfly plushieArcane, Winton, daily reward
20a huggable caterpillar plushie?
21a goofy-looking wiener dog plushie?
22a sensually soft Pynai plushie?
23a glowering Ghryzhrymydyon plushieSigil, daily reward
24a fiery Vyst plushiedaily reward
25a bloody Prince Galzmati plushie?
26a pretty Princess Paenyr plushieRahdiyr
27a miniscule kitten plushie?
28a fluffy sheep plushie?
29a floppy-eared puppy plushie?

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